The Employer And Your Online Degree

There is only one reason why individuals opt to take online degrees and it is not because they just want something to do. Individuals opting to take a degree online will only do so if they want to better themselves or change career and have something preventing them from going back to a campus school full time. They may have family to look after, they may have to work full time as well as studying, or they may have a busy life that they cannot cut back on to go back to school. Whatever the reason, an online degree can help individuals get to where they want to go. However, it can only do so if an employer does not question the fact that they have an online degree.

Online education is still a hot topic amongst employers for a number of reasons. Many employers welcome online educational qualifications because they recognize the fact that the individuals that do train online have vital qualities that the competition may not have and that they are also trained to the same level as anyone completing a campus course. However, there are still some traditionalist employers out there who will still question the fact that the individuals did not sit in a classroom for three or four years. For some reason, those employers do not perceive an online degree as of value.

However, these employers are few and far between now purely and simply because the online degree graduates are filling jobs that may never have otherwise been filled. They are responding to the demand and helping the country to run much more smoothly than it has done in a long time. In truth, online college degrees and technical qualifications have revolutionized the way that the world of education and the world of industry work. Although attitudes are changing, nobody taking an online degree should expect not to be challenged when it is presented in a resume or in a job interview because it will most likely still be a topic of discussion.

Attending a campus institution makes the degree easily identifiable and easy to track in terms of what the candidate has indeed completed and what was left outstanding. Online degrees are not as easy to trace and can prove to be quite difficult to substantiate too. However, they both tend to have the same amount of work involved with the latter providing far more useful personal qualities that the latter in terms of working off one’s own initiative and time management skills. Whilst that is not to discredit campus graduates, these are qualities that can be pointed out in an interview to try and help a candidate’s claim to a job!

An employer is well within his or her right to check up on an educational background and may indeed be wary of individuals with online qualifications from universities and colleges that are less well known because of the amount of faking agencies out there. If an individual attended a local online university instead of the University of Phoenix or Capella University then an employer will be skeptical until everything actually checks out. It may even put them off hiring you. This is just because of the healthy suspicion that still lingers over the online degree, and with good reason. However, the larger online universities are well-known enough by now to need no explanation. The one question a potential employer will always ask though is why the candidate chose to take an online degree instead of a campus course. This is a question that you always need to be ready for and have a good answer prepared.

No matter how well you try to prepare for an interview, you can never count on which way an employer will go or indeed what view of an online degree he or she will take so you need to have answers prepared for every eventuality. Trying to predict the reaction will often land you in more trouble in terms of answers and justifications than assuming the worst. Always assuming the worst is the best advice that you could take because you are then prepared for anything. If you are confident and put faith in your degree, providing evidence to substantiate the fact that it is real, it should no longer hold you back!

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