JavaScript Fundamentals 101

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, the programming language of the Web..

Course Contents

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Functions
  • “FOR” Loops in JavaScript
  • “WHILE” Loops in JavaScript
  • Control Flow
  • Data Structures
  • Objects I
  • Objects II

Course Materials

Slides: An HTML5-based slideset (not a PowerPoint) which actually embeds the actual HTML tags being described in order to better demonstrate them. In-class example: An example of what the teacher should build up during the course of the lesson, switching between talking over the slides and demonstrating the concepts in the example page. Exercise(s): These can be started in class and then continued outside of it, and the teacher can decide when to reveal the solution for the exercises. For the most part, the solution to an exercise serves as the starting point for the next exercise. Additional Reading: Links that teachers can recommend students read after a lesson. Related Resources: Slides or tutorials that were useful in the creation of the lesson content. Teachers can visit these to get an idea of how other people present the content. Room for Improvement: A list of ways that the particular lesson might be improved.