School Foundation

ChangShu Foreign Language School

Our School Foundation was established as part of our desire to help the needy and under privileged students.

School Foundation is privately funded and operated to assist students in both private and public schools.

An important mission of our foundation in line with the mission and the philosophy of our organization is to cultivate and nurture our youth into global leaders of the future. We strictly follow high standards in governance with a well established academic criteria and administered management processes.

Among various areas of interests, our foundation aims to assist needy students in rural areas through technological development, crucially, through online education where we can not only reach many students but effectively deliver our courses at a fraction of the costs. As such, our goal is to advance our technological development in education for the future, including VR or AR Learning.

We will be organizing many fundraising campaigns towards these goals both regionally and globally. Everyone can volunteer and help in the EDUHQ. We distribute scholarships and bursaries to these students regularly. Your support towards the greater good of the society is greatly appreciated. We look forward to your contributions to the EDUHQ SchoolFoundation.