Our Mission, Vision and Philosophy


    The EDUHQ cultivate students to understand, contribute and succeed in a rapidly changing world, and make it a better place. We prepare students to adapt to new technologies, become more creative and push the boundaries of innovation and invention to the highest possible level. We develop students for a holistic and wholesome all round education, and make them endeavor to become well adjusted and upright individuals in society by providing them the education with the skills and the competencies...

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    Departments and Programs

    Learn, Discover and Advance. At EDUHQ, education is progressive and futuristic. Explore the many departments and interdisciplinary programs we offer. The courses can be taken online and offline at our network of schools and colleges.

    Our departments and programs oversee the academic endeavors and requirements of each discipline at the our network of institutions.

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    Costs and Financial Aid

    Volunteers are welcomed to help us in our fundraising campaign. We are currently raising funds for needy and under privileged students in the rural communities. If you are interested in any of our fundraising or volunteering work, please feel free to contact us. We thank our volunteers for their hard work and contributions in various forms.

    Likewise, corporations which like to help us support our needy students, and at the same time, fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, please come forward. 🙂 We are ever grateful for your contributions and generosity. Thank you!

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    Great Career Outcomes

    Due to the high quality of education in our schools, we are happy and proud that we have a track record of producing students who have been able to advance further in their respective careers after leaving school. Our schools do not just churn our students with great examination results but our students are generally wholesome in their character and outlook in life and able to work independently and think critically. It is not surprising therefore that our students have experienced great career outcomes!

    Due to the Internet and advances in mobile devices, now, our students are "with" us all the time even after they leave school, engaging in volunteer work, lifelong learning and social and other online and offline activities.

    We have jobs open and we welcome you to join us in a rewarding career!

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Knowledge is Power! Learning by merely acquiring information is nothing. Know and understand...
Learn well. Hold fast to your dream, make it BIG for it will come true sooner than later at the EDUHQ!

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Harness the resources, expertise and technology to advance our society and change the world at large.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, student-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities for the communities we serve.

At EDUHQ, students pursue their goals in an environment that values diversity, individuality, mutual respect and free exchange of ideas.